CSAIR Kids home

CSAIR Kids home

CSAIR Kids home


Welcome to the new CSAIR kids site! This is where it will be held until the adults get their act together (Which can take a very long time!)


  1. Forums

    We have forums where you can ask for help, report bugs, talk to other members, and much more! This is also where new features will be announced. It is located here.
  2. Crossword puzzles

    There are weekly parashat hashavua crossword puzzles, the one for this week is:

  3. Toolbar

    We have a CSAIR kids toolbar, with useful links, a popup blocker, and much more! You can download it here.
  4. Advertisements and popups :(

    There are some nasty ads and popups that have been showing up on the site, I recommend you obtain a program that blocks it. Most browsers come with popup blockers, and so does our toolbar but if you want to block most banner ads as well, check out this program.